Noorah Gifts Modern Eid Decor - Now in stock!

Noorah Gifts Modern Eid Decor - Now in stock!

We're soooooo excited about these balloons that we could literally burst.. (all puns intended lol 😂😂 )

We're sure you've been thinking about what decor to use for this year's Eid.

Think no more because we've got you covered.



These modern, on trend, gorgeous balloons will look splendid as part of your Eid decor.

(Dry Eid where? Nope, not this year 😅)


What's more?

Fancy having on trend Eid balloons supplied WITH a bonus air pump?

Yes that's right, no need to scratch your head about how to blow these up.


This fabulous balloon banner is offered with the string and an air pump so all you need to do is to fit the pump, blow in air & boom! #bobsyouruncle "Balloon banner is ready"


Head over to our website to grab one for yourself. Also available in a regal Silver colour.


Say yes to a fabulous Eid with these balloons 😁😁

Limited stock available.

🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 Because it's raining balloons



We also have our 18 Inch Gold Foil "Let's Celebrate Eid" Balloon in Silver 


and also available in Gold


So head over to our website (or click the product images) to get yourselves these fabulous Eid Decorations just in time for Eid!


Hope you enjoyed this list of Eid Decorations and remember to tell a friend to tell a cousin to tell a neighbour about Noorah Gifts 😉.



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